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Organic Farm

Semetella is the road that bears fruit from the seed, which is followed through the explosion of the colors of (re) discovery.

It is the emotion of the garden where ancient vegetables and fruit grow, where the banks of the ditch are still inhabited by the wild blackthorn and the elder, where the key to everything is that agricultural biodiversity of lost varieties that give colors, shapes and authentic flavors, often unusual and perhaps unexpected, but surprising every time.

It is the strength of organic that collaborates with regenerative agriculture, where respect for the cultivated land, its cycles and its needs is king; where the synergy and the inter-associations between vegetables help to keep away harmful insects and at the same time improve their quality.

It is the self-production of seeds, the oldest technique in agriculture which we carry out with conviction. It allows us to maintain the biodiversity of the cultivated varieties unaltered, so that they are not permanently lost and so that they can become genetically enriched from year to year with characteristics which will increase their ability to adapt to environmental conditions while maintaining their natural purity.

It is the real km 0 where we welcome you to shop and give you the possibility to choose what and how much you want.

It is your natural pantry, because some of what we cultivate is intended for transformation. Few ingredients, vacuum-cooked at low temperatures, keeping the color alive, the flavor true, the aroma intense and the organoleptic properties of vegetables and fruit unaltered becoming jams, compotes, sauces, sweet and sour sauces.

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