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We live in the midst of the Umbrian Apennines, a still uncontaminated territory between wild and cultivated.

Where the rhythms are still rather slow and the seasons mark the times. those of sowing, harvesting and transformation.

Everything is harvested by hand, when fully ripe, and then fresh it is cooked for a short time and vacuum-packed at low temperatures. In this way, we avoid the oxidation of raw materials and we are sure to keep the organoleptic properties of naturally high quality fruit and vegetables unaltered, preserving their colors, aromas and authentic taste, without adding color thickeners or artificial preservatives.

Compotes, jams and extra jams are never too sweet. Only a few ingredients are added: organic cane sugar and organic lemon juice, if needed. All the preparations are put into jars immediately after cooking and pasteurized and then quickly cooled to preserve the ingredients in a natural way.

The vegetables from our garden, partly cultivated to be transformed, become fantastic compotes to accompany any cheese you like. From the freshest to the most seasoned, soft or hard, you will always find the perfect combination.

The fruit is all carefully pitted and seeded before entering the concentration bubble. When opening the jars you will find purees that retain an intense aroma and a fresh taste, like freshly picked fruit.

From strawberries to cherries, from apricots to figs to plums, they all come from our small orchard that welcomes ancient and almost forgotten varieties that taste true. And then, there is the forest that offers wonderful wild fruits such as blackberries, elderberries, dogwoods, strawberry trees, blackthorns or hawthorns.

We assign a place of honor to our fruit compotes without added sugar.

For sauces and sweet and sour sauces we have chosen to rely on my grandmother's recipes and advice, always present

Celery, carrots, onions and field tomatoes from our garden, just like you would do at home for a ready-made sauce, to be then simply heated in a pan, seasoned with salt to your taste. Whether it is a simple tomato sauce, or with basil or with wild asparagus, it is always ideal for seasoning an excellent plate of fresh pasta.

And then there are the sweet and sour vegetables. The classic, in which you can recognize the flavor of each vegetable, each one cooked separately from the others because the cooking times are not the same for cauliflower or carrot, but together a real symphony. Or colored carrots, Egyptian black beets, spring onions or our bishop crown chillies.

Nothing more than the truth of the simplicity of the ingredients, which combined with a processing method that preserves a fresh and natural taste, become small masterpieces.