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In the midst of woods and bushes along the paths stand out the fruits of the hawthorn, dark red in color, gathered in small clusters, which look like many small apples.

We didn't have time to finish ruining our hands with the thorns of the blackthorn that the time has come to get all of us pierced by the hawthorn.

What a beautiful winter. Wherever you turn around there is something to taste, to collect, and never before has the hawthorn given its best as this year.

Maybe because until today this strong and long-lived shrub has always amazed us in spring, when its abundant white flowers are filled with bees and butterflies.

may be because we have filled the house with books on everything that is spontaneous and we are always immersed in that continuous search to know and recognize.

may be because our hunger to experiment and always find something new by looking at what we have around us never ends, the fact is that it is full of howthorns in all the fields around here, whether they are cultivated or not, in the country paths and in the banks of small ditches, even along the railway.

Collecting the hawthorn, a lot, was a bit like making a Christmas tree: because if you open the decorations all together it is true that every decoration has a place, nothing is randomly positioned especially if the beauty of the forthcoming holidays is reflected in it. Here, with eyes and heart swollen from so much abundance, even those berries ended up all together in the baskets to then be carefully placed in the jars in recipes that have nothing random about them.

From here, from this wonderful harvest and from the hope of a better year given the past one, ALBASPINA (as the Romans called hawthorn)  was born and you can find it in the FRUIT COMPOTES category.

our first time with hawthorn, our countdown, the one with which to quickly open the doors of the new year, bringing with us the deep red and the explosive energy of a glowing winter sunset.

But we didn't stop there.

In the meantime, something else was born from those beautiful little wild spontaneous fruit, something new and unexpected. You will have to wait a few more days for this.


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