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From the end of September onwards, as you looked around, you would find wild apple trees everywhere, along those country roads once traveled by farmers and pilgrims who gathered them as they passed.

Of different colors, of different sizes, but all very fragrant. Also different in consistency, because then before picking them they were all greedily tasted, but always crunchy and sweet, with a strong flavor.

Well, despite this premise and despite the high number of apples that from yellow to green to red dot give a great colour to our countryside and our hills at first I was almost reluctant to pick them. Then the dances started and a world opened up there.

Because they literally kidnapped our minds and every free moment of the week was an opportunity to go and look for them. Because perfect fruits, even in their imperfection. Often almost clumsy, in part rediscovered in part still unknown, but all children of this environment with which the symbiosis is ideal.

And then the ideas were unleashed and when the bulb goes on in Semetella it never goes out.

Each basket that was filled carried with it a pairing and thus our first productions based on wild apples were born. Compotes, because they contain very little cane sugar. And on the other hand, they are so sweet that we could never alter their real flavor.

But the even more wonderful thing is that they represented our Madeleine a bit. the choice to use spices to flavor them, in a completely disruptive manner and I would dare to say almost overbearing way, has uncovered the way into memory and re-emerged memories of travels to particularly loved countries that still swell the heart with perfumes, colors, eyes, smiles and landscapes that are always present, even distant in time.

They recall the scent released by the great variety of spices in the bazaars of Istanbul, Tehran, Marrakech, among the most evocative places as well as unmissable experiences to savor the folklore and better understand the complex flavors of local cuisine.

So, if one idea leads to another, why not allow those splendid apples, basically among the most popular fruits, to take a trip around the world?

In the meantime, we started and passed from the scent of roses of Turkish lokum, to the mint of the fantastic Moroccan tea, to the spices for Persian sweets.

You can find these first productions in the category "apple journeys".

But we have every intention, if you like them, to continue and take you with us on this world tour. We will now wait for next autumn and the next wild apples of our territory. In the meantime, let's think about the countries to which we can accompany you. And maybe even some of your adv.


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