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We grow common vegetables, of those so-called traditional varieties that have fallen over time and in the place where for years (if not centuries) the farmers have reproduced them, making them an expression not only of nature but above all of a culture, because they represent the specificity of places and the real identity of a community.

But also rare, of ancient varieties, almost lost and to be rediscovered, which have great adaptability and resistance. And above all with unusual colors, often unexpected shapes, with a taste that is a surprise every time.

Everything in the farm comes from certified organic seeds that arrive in the garden after a research (which has been going on for more than three years now) on biodiversity. And above all from our activity of self-reproduction of seeds that from year to year allows us to enrich and make the varieties sown more and more adaptable to our environment, while retaining their natural purity.

A research that has led us to rediscover many vegetables unknown to most of us but which have always existed in nature. And above all, they also come from other countries. Because that of vegetables and fruit is a story of travel, just like that of seeds. And recovering the seeds of many fantastic vegetables which then color the garden and also the tables of many customers and restaurants is part of the goal we have set ourselves so that you can rediscover their authentic flavor and get to know their original color.

Your basket of seasonal vegetables will be colored with pink celery and lemon cucumbers, with yellow green beans and purple peppers, with tomatoes of all shapes and colors, an explosion of joy on the palate as well as on the eyes.

And we welcome you to our garden so that you can look at them yourself with the surprised eyes of children and collect your weekly shopping on the spot.

You will smell the scents immediately and it will be magic.