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Our principle is a bit like a “Once upon a time”... Starting from the choice of the name:

"... the Latin name of the small road, of" La Semetella ", which connects the Cupa with the upper part of the town and the name of the underlying field, also known as the “Campo della Semeta”, or rather the field of the small road ..."

From the book  “Castrum Collis”  by Sante Cioli

We are even more tied to our territory, the starting point and development of our idea of a farm, a place first of all for meeting and discovery but also for rediscovery. A slightly uphill road, partly tiring, partly sweaty, in which the arrival is moved further and further forward by ideas that gradually take shape.

Rediscovery of colors and flavors beginning in the garden and in that biodiversity we have decided to share with you all. Which continues in the fields, where the ancient wisdom of gathering herbs comes to mind, and with those spontaneous fruits generously offered by the woods and along our country roads.

Discovery because this constant exploration of the area and the hills around here have made us come across partly unknown fruits that we have every intention of recovering and bringing to new life, perhaps even with the appropriate name.

We continue our climb, firm in the belief that this part of Umbria has a lot to give us and above all determined to pursue a path where innovation marries tradition and the history of our nature.

All this to keep amazing ourselves


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