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"O you who, when at a breath of heaven the thorns and bronchi all open their buds,

you don't, you are already bringing your fruits from the snow and frost;

and it gives you the joy and the strength to fly to life what to others take away,

for you who bloom with flowers when everyone else on the ground throws leaves;

you put the white flowers when you already have red berries, and you start again eternally,

almost for the others but for you it was not the leisure of winter;

oh green Italic tree, your May is in the mist:

yes, everything dies too, you the young wild banner explain to the bora "...

from AL CORBEZZOLO, by Giovanni Pascoli

Yes, even the poet Giovanni Pascoli talks about it in an ode. And it does so to celebrate Italy and the Tricolor.

Considered a forgotten fruit, it has always had a prominent place for us. In some nearby woods there are many of them, often difficult to reach and it is also for this reason that the quantity is never enough. But we never gave up because we are literally in love with this tree.

Because when all fruit trees go to rest, he doesn't. He gives us beautiful colors.

Because even though we are now close to winter, the strawberry tree brings you back to May: at the same time it brings out its white flowers, so loved by bees, and its fruits that turn from green to bright red when fully ripe.

The particular consistency of its fruits, harder on the outside with growths that make it wrinkled, softer and more grainy on the inside, led us to decide to always pass them in order to eliminate the annoying sensation they could leave in the mouth.

In fact, today those fruits are part of our production.

The strawberry tree is the star of our AUTUMN ORANGE which you can find in the FRUIT COMPOTES category, but you can also find it in the categories EXTRA JAMS and WITH NO ADDED SUGAR in combination with oranges


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